Foton is a Chinese company which designs and manufactures trucks, buses, sport utility vehicles and agricultural machinery. It is headquartered in Changping, Beijing and is a subsidiary of BAIC Group. Foton makes commercial trucks in a joint venture with Daimler AG which sells its products under the Auman brand name. Founded on August 28, 1996, Foton manufactures light and heavy duty trucks, agricultural tractors, and various other machinery. In addition to the heavier trucks, Foton also builds a copy of the Toyota Hiace H100, called the Foton View or Foton Alpha. In January 2009 Foton and Daimler AG agreed to form a 50-50 joint venture for the production of medium and heavy duty trucks in China, with an initial investment of 6.35 billion yuan. Creation of the venture received the approval of the Chinese government in July 2010. In October 2009 Foton agreed to form a joint venture to develop and produce vehicle batteries with Pulead Technology Industry Co. In July 2010 Foton announced the establishment of a European headquarters in Moscow, Russia. Foton established a sales company in India in April 2011. Foton will build an assembly plant in Colombia, in order to participate in the growing Latin American market for light commercial vehicles. The company also plans to build a plant in Western Maharashtra, India. Foton has announced a bus factory in Brazil in the state of Bahia, as part of their globalization plan. Foton has held a press conference in 2015, previewing the Sauvana while announcing news to bring the brand to the United States. In September 2017 Foton and Piaggio agreed to form a joint venture to develop and produce light commercial vehicle. Based on Foton chassis the new vehicle was sold by Piaggio Commercial Vehicle division in Europe and in all market around the world but not in China. The vehicles was intended as a successor of the Piaggio Porter and production was planned to starts in the mid 2019 in Pontedera (Italy) with all components produced by Foton in China. In August 2018, Foton Motor announced to set up a plant in Bangladesh by next year to assemble commercial vehicles in a joint venture with ACI Motors.

  • Founded 1996
  • Founder Unknown
  • Region Chinese
  • Global Rank N/A

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