Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a company consistent with new technology and design. The company aims to provide value for money so that the customers are satisfied and are always willing to come back to purchase another vehicle. Mercedes Benz is bringing the innovation and Extravaganza to the motor world for more than 100 years, However, the debate between BMW and Mercedes Benz is never ending. Innovation is in immense pace in the automobile industry and Mercedes Benz is a major contributor to the innovation The lane departure warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assists system (LKAS), road departure mitigation (RDM), adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Forward collision warning (FCW), etc. are just some of the technology present in their latest models. The advanced illumination of Mercedes Car accompanied with the safety features makes Mercedes Benz the safest available cars on the road. Mercedes Benz is importing a large number of hybrid cars with the increasing trend of hybrid vehicles in Pakistan.

  • Founded 1926
  • Founder Karl Benz
  • Region German
  • Global Rank N/A

Available Cars

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