Range Rover

Range Rover is a product of Land Rover was launched as a different type of SUV than the original Land Rovers. The first Range Rover was produced in 1970 and was known as the Range Rover Classic. It was introduced to compete in with the Japanese SUVs, which were gaining popularity throughout the world. The second generation Range Rover was introduced in 1996 which was liked by people all over the world. Later, the third generation Range Rover was introduced which had an even bigger impact on the market and was widely sold. Recently, Range Rover has introduced the fourth generation Range Rover under the ownership of Tata Motors India. The latest Range Rover is a bizarre piece of craftsmanship and is appreciated all over the world. Range Rover is gaining popularity due to its distinct design, luxury and performance.

  • Founded 1948
  • Founder Unknown
  • Region British
  • Global Rank N/A

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