(2nd Gen)

2nd Gen BMW X1 Front Image
  • Price PKR 62.0 - 62.1 lacs
  • Model Year 2016 to Onwards
  • Class Compact Luxury Crossover SUV
  • Layout Front-Engine, FWD
    Front-Engine, RWD
    Front-Engine, 4WD
  • Style 5-door SUV
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BMW X1 was launched at the end of 2016. The BMW X1 2017 gives it a look of SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle). Moreover, the interior of BMW X1 also reflects the X philosophy. Petrol engine of the BMW X1 is the product of Efficient Dynamic technologies. Currently, the company is only taking orders for BMW X1 S-drive 18i, which is an FWD vehicle. The stylish exterior of BMW X1 2017 is based on the concept of BMW's SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) and the needs of urban life style. It's athletic and dynamic exterior gives a stunning sporty look. Moreover, its exterior is designed to improve the aerodynamic excellence. Small details such as air curtains at the front, integrated into air inlets and side air blades not only improve its aerodynamic excellence but also make it more fuel efficient. The LED light design with cornering lights provides an adaptive beam distribution. Furthermore, LED lights last longer, have enhanced illumination range, and use up to 50% less energy than conventional bulbs. The panorama glass roof, with slide and lift features, gives a lot of options for ventilation and light incoming. The car also comes with an intelligent chassis, which features DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and DTC (Dynamic Traction Control). High-grade steel, aluminum body, and intelligent lightweight construction give this car a very elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance. BMW X1 interior compromises of grid-cloth with an option between Oxide Silver and Dark Matt with highlight trim finish of black-high gloss. The front seat height is raised by 1.2 inches which makes it more comfortable for the driver. Similarly, its rear compartment is more spacious because of the high roof line. Raised back seats give passengers a better view of surroundings. The 56cm of leg room in the rear compartment makes it very comfortable for tall passengers. Behind the seats, there's a 27 cubic-feet cargo hold and if the seats are folded, it can be increased to 58.7 cubic-feet. The contact-less opening of the tailgate is also a unique feature. In short, the interior is extremely variable and welcoming.

  • Spacious.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good Resale Value.
  • Great Performance.
  • Lack Of Spare Parts.
  • High Maintenance Cost.


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