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Vehicle Details
Brand Honda  
Model Honda City   
Version Honda City 1.3  
Ex-Factory Price PKR 2,179,000
With Holding Charges
Tax (Filer) PKR 50,000
Tax (Non-Filer) PKR 100,000
Ex-Showroom Price
Payorder Price(Filer) PKR 1,904,000
Payorder Price(Non-Filer) PKR 1,954,000
Punjab Govt. Charges
Token Tax PKR 3,500
Income Tax (Filer) PKR 1,456
Income Tax (Non-Filer) PKR 4,375
Registration Fee PKR 37,080
Professional Tax PKR 200
Number Plate Charges PKR 800
Total Price
Filer PKR 1,997,036
Non-Filer PKR 2,099,955

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