A Reliable Partner

by Abdul Rahim on Feb 15, 2020
 Exterior of the car is quite decent in shape which is much practical along with a sports touch & the body size has been increased from the last generation which can be seen from inside out. Interior has the emblems of the 9th generation corolla with a flat dashboard but with much more space & features to accommodate as standard such as Sunroof,Paddle Shiftier s,Android head unit,ABS,CVT Gear,Multimedia Steering, Airbag,Cruise Control & Folding Seats. Comfort of the car in locally manufactured cars is at the best of all because of the longer suspension travel & Softer Setting. Fuel Economy depends totally on you driving style for me it is 12 in city & 15 on long drives. Ride quality is comfortable specially on bumpy roads on the other hand when u have a softer setting on the suspension u have to compromise on handling it's not bad but can be better. Final words from me is that it is a reliable,efficient & safe way to move in Pakistan. 
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