Bravo Totally rough car

by Shariq Shah on Feb 15, 2020
 I bought bravo base grade from I -10 /3 bravo showroom islamabad.its totally rough car ,it is too noisy and much viberation with front side in dashboard.its paint quality is not very good.when you drive you will feel as driving not car but cart as no road grip.again it's sale getting down due to poor quality.i posted add on pak wheel but no customer in first four months.i approached car first but they offered 7 lac .the person who will buy it definitely he will be gave me low milege as 9 km per liter then company changed plugs and milege raised from 9 to 11 or suggestion if you want to buy bravo don't waste your money and buy any Japanese used will get comfort otherwise you will have to repent like the owners who has bought it.many times I approached it's head office Lahore with my complaints but no redressal. 
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