The Poormans RangeRover

by Han Youkeshu on Feb 15, 2020
 For people who have never owned a 4x4 vehicle ever Vitara comes out to be the perfect choice It has all the bells and whistles that you would need in a nippy 4x4 vehicle with a limited off road capability and also very functional city and touring vehicle THe car looks like a version or Range Rover vogue with a Suzuki badge though 1.6 sounds less but car weighs only 1147 kgs considering the fact that a corolla 1.3 weighs 1300 kg the 1.6 for Vitara is more than enough Fantastic fuel average 14.5 if you drive it like you own it not stole it. ready for every terrain that you can throw at it as long as its not off the cliff. Cutting the long story short its the best car in the segment which is simple and is based on simple 4x4 engineering rather than electric motors and Space ship technology if you want a long term keeper Vitara is a no brainer 
Fuel Economy
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